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15 June 2016 @ 12:57 pm
the basics.ONE
I'm neither the best updater nor commenter, but I do read.

the love.TWO
I ♥ Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN) &&;Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2)

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Knowing this, would you still like to friend me?


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15 June 2015 @ 01:36 pm

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pairings; nakamaru x ueda ; kitayama x fujigaya

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AKAME | sacrifice & reminisce, CHRYSANTHEMUM | PG-13; romance, angst | one-shot; incomplete
JINDA | sweet rejections, ROSE | GENERAL; romance | one-shot; completed


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NAKANISHI | UNTITLED; encoded_panties, collab | NC-17; romance, comedy

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02 November 2011 @ 10:55 pm
Holy crap I haven't been active on LJ in TWO YEARS. It doesn't seem that long saying it like that but looking at my old posts makes everything seem so much longer.

So belated on this, but KIS-MY-FT2 OMEDETOU!! I've waited for this since 2006!

Don't get me wrong, during my hiatus I never forgot about JE. In fact, I was still trolling about on communities like kattunlove, aramatheydidnt, kis_my_ft2, etc. and looking up videos on YT but my computer (if you remember from my posts in 2009, LOL) is STILL broken so it's hard for me to catch up on things via downloading, etc. (Gosh, and my KAT-TUN external HD was almost 400 GB.. ugh, my poor collection.)

Quick boot camp catch-up on my life:

- still reading tons of manga / manhwa
- ex: Kuroshitsuji, The Breaker, Noblesse, Vampire Knight, etc.
- in my 3rd year of college now / 20 years old.
- majoring in Business Administration.
- still working at the SAME job since February 2008.
- took one year of Japanese.
- still watching European soap operas
- ex: Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (Netherlands)
- American TV shows I watch: Vampire Diaries, GLEE, Nikita, Shameless, Happy Endings
- kind of got into k-pop for a while (this is soo due to my work since I'm a cashier at a French / Korean bakery so I've been around Korean culture for 4 years now. Kind of hard to ignore.)
- nevertheless, I don't know why, but j-pop always has a way of sucking me back in.. cheap costumes / production, out-of-sync and amateur dancing, on / off singing. Even horrible acting. OH GOSH. I don't understand myself, but I'm a kindred spirit to these boys. Can't escape.
- oh and Perfume is my girl crush. Frigging adore them. Kashiyuka-bias btw but I adore all of them.

ANYWAY... I'm not sure if this means I'll keep on posting on LJ, but I DO miss blogging anon. I have a tumblr that I use for my OOTD and fashion-related rants but when I want to post fandom stuff, I'm hesitant to expose my RL friends to that kind of stuff. THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW... Ugh, surrounded by mainstream riders of trends (gags).
05 March 2009 @ 11:14 pm
Hey! Sneaking late at night of my brother's computer. News is, my laptop will be back this week! :DDD Excitement! By the way, anyone watch America's Best Dance Crew?? QUEST WON!! ♥ My friends and I had a party and even made Hobby Lobby shirts in support! :DD Anyway, the main question in this post is -

Does anyone know where I can get Orange Days (the drama) with ACCURATE subtitles?

My friend (who is Japanese) was looking for it (streaming) online, and found inaccurate subtitles within the first couple of minutes concerning a translator's confusion with "sunset," "courage," etc. I think SARS and Koi Fansubs and JTV have done hardsubs for the drama, but I don't know which group made the mistake. Please let me know ASAP!! :DDDD
11 February 2009 @ 11:05 pm
Oh. my. god.

As most of my flisters are Ueda-fans, you should know what I'm talking about. Hanamaru Cafe & Waratte Iitomo!! KYAAA. ♥ I haven't watched Iitomo yet, but Hanamaru... he seemed so genuine. He was SO genuine - it was so refreshing and fun and he looked beautiful, truly. He was glowing so much and it was utterly adorable at how he mentioned several times that he was nervous. SO cute! ♥ BUT THE BEST PART...


That's right. TACCHAN AND TAIPI. TOGETHER. WHY HAVE I NOT THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BEFORE?? My two favorite Johnny's... together... and they TALKED to each other and TEASED each other and they SMILED together. It was AMAZINGG. ♥!!! Truly, seriously. Both of them smiling straight at the camera at the same time was not good for my soul!!

Anyway, I'm assuming Taipi was subbing for Totsu's corner, "Oshiete, Chieko-sensei." Unfortunately, the Tacchan-cut of Hanamaru didn't include the corner, so I only got to see the greeting... oh well, enough to satisfy me! But I'm really yearning for Taipi-HQ videos, so if an intense Ueda fan ripped an HQ version of Hanamaru, I will die a happy woman.

Oh, yeah! KIS-MY-FT2'S KIS-MY-CALLING HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL WEEK! IT'S INSANITY! I LOVE IT WAY TOO MUCH AND TAIPI'S WAY TOO ADORABLE IN IT!! ♥ By the way, Hirosuke is becoming a lot warmer with each other these days. Back in December, they were on Hadaka no Shounen, and they didn't even LOOK at each other, but then the next, they were all warm and happy with each other! It like, wha - ?? Now they don't look like they hate being in the same group. xD;;

By the way, apologies, everyone! As I said in my last post, I don't have my computer anymore! I'm using my sister's while she's gone at the gym, but... So I'm really sorry if I haven't been able to reply to your comments and your posts, etc.

See you guys when I can!
♥disc: Kis-my-calling by Kis-My-Ft2